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Monday, June 09, 2008

Understanding reseller plans

reseller plans For Your Reading Pleasure

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Since 1999, Host The Best has offered scalable Internet hosting solutions to small and medium businesses, including VPS and shared web hosting service models, combined with fast and competent technical support. Host The Best employs a support staff of professionals including representatives with extensive technical and customer service training in areas such as MCP, MCSE, CCNA, and A+.

Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of GoDaddy remarked, ”It’s great to see Dell, Opnet, SmugMug, Imperva and so many other big companies taking advantage of our SSL certificates. All of our customers get the same functionality, stringent vetting standards and reliability as any other cert in the industry. If you could get an identical product for a fraction of the price, why wouldn’t you do it?”

With the many hosts offering affiliate programs, there is the tendency to find the one which you think will work best for you. Think of the product you will be promoting. Pattern them to the site and see if they are catering to the same things as you are.

SEO: Free Google Sitemap Generator

Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:56:36 +0000
If you are using Joomla or Wordpress, you can find component or plugins to generate your own sitemap. But if you are not, you still can get your sitemap. Visit this web to generate your own sitemap:
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CommentMarch 16, 2008, Bali Web Design write: Selamat buat dapur hosting yang telah berpartisipasi dalam ...]

reseller plans Products we recommend

hostgator is a privately owned company that was founded in the year 2002. Host
gator provides reseller web hosting and shared hosting solutions. The website is
instrumental in offering its services to over 400,000 websites on their shared
and reseller plans. It is a leading provider of reseller accounts and boasts of
over 10,000 resellers who have chosen hostgator to provide the network, servers,
and support required to launch a hosting business. The company seemingly holds a
high rung and is well regarded in the web hosting community.

Host Gator

The company commenced its operation in 2002 and uses the Planet data center in
Dallas Texas. Their servers are dual Xeons with 4GB memory and IDE Raid hard

hostgator offers the following types of web hosting plans :

� Shared

� Reseller

� Dedicated

Shared Plans:

Customers have a many options to choose from under this plan and it comes with
the Cpanel control panel. Quality services and support is offered 24/7 via
phone, live chat, and an email ticket system. All their plans offer unlimited
domain names (except hatchling) as well as a lot of bandwidth and disk space.
Below are the options or plan categories available under this plan:

1. Hatchling:

Under this plan category, 50 GB of disk space and 200 GB of bandwidth is
offered. Other services include 20 sub domains, 20 FTP accounts, 20 POP3
accounts and 1 domain is also allowed. This service is priced at $6.95 a month;
that is charged annually.

2. Baby:

This plan category offers 100 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of bandwidth.
Moreover, it offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3
accounts. This service is priced at $9.95 a month.

3. Swamp:

Under this category, customers get an access to 200 GB of disk space and 2000 GB
of bandwidth. The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and
POP3 accounts. This service is priced at $14.95 per month.

4. Semi-Dedicated:

This plan category offers 25 GB of disk space and 500 GB of bandwidth. The plan
offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. This
service is priced at $74.95 per month.

Reseller Plans:

hostgator�s reseller hosting plans come with the Cpanel (your customers or
endusers control panel) and WHM (reseller control panels to create Cpanels for
your customers or end users) control panels. hostgator resellers have the
flexibility to host unlimited sites. Quality services and support is offered
24/7 via phone, live chat, and an email ticket system. Besides offering
unlimited domain names; the reseller account also offers free domain registry
account (eNom domain reseller account), free hosting templates, a billing
program, and much more. Below are the options or plan categories available under
this plan:

1. Aluminum Reseller Plan:

Under this plan category, 12 GB of disk space and 125 GB of bandwidth is
provided. The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3
accounts. This service is priced at $24.95 per month.

2. Copper Reseller Plan:

The copper reseller plan offers its customers 20 GB of disk space and 175 GB of
bandwidth. The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3
accounts. This service is priced at $34.95 per month.

3. Silver Reseller Plan:

30 GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth is offered under this particular
plan. The copper reseller plan offers its customers 20 GB of disk space and 175
GB of bandwidth. The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts
and POP3 accounts. This service is priced at $49.95 per month.

4. Gold Reseller Plan:

40 GB of disk space and 300 GB of bandwidth is offered under this plan category.
The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts.
This service is priced at $74.95 per month.

5. Diamond Reseller Plan:

50 GB of disk space and 350 GB of bandwidth is offered under this plan category.
The plan offers unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts.
This service is priced at $99.95 per month.

Dedicated Plans:

The plan includes complete server management as well as a control panel with
every server. The best part of a dedicated server is that you can customize it
to suit your requirements and get the most out of the plan. Moreover, you get to
choose which operating system you want to run which include Red Hat Linux 9.0,
RHEL3, RHEL4, CentOS, or FreeBSD. Any aspect can also be upgraded such as memory
or disk drives. Below are the options or plan categories available under this

1. Basic Dedicated Plan:

There are no set up charges for this plan category and the processor provided is
Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz. The plan offers a bandwidth of 1500 GB and a hard drive of
80 GB, SATA. Upto 5 IP addresses are allowed and the plan offers unlimited
domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. This service is priced at
$174 per month.

2. Standard Dedicated Plan:

There are no set up charges for this plan category and the processor provided is
a Dual Xeon 2.4. The plan offers a bandwidth of 2500 GB and a hard drive of
2�80gb SATA. Upto 5 IP addresses are allowed and the plan offers unlimited
domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. This service is priced at
$219 per month.

3. Elite Dedicated Plan:

There are no set up charges for this plan category and the processor provided is
Dual Xeon 2.8. The plan offers a bandwidth of 2500 GB and a hard drive of 2�73gb
SCSI. Upto 5 IP addresses are allowed and the plan offers unlimited domains, sub
domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. This service is priced at $279 per

4. Pro Dedicated Plan:

There are no set up charges for this plan category and the processor provided is
Dual-Core 3060 Conroe. The plan offers a bandwidth of 2500 GB and a hard drive
of 4�500gb SATA II RAID10. Upto 5 IP addresses are allowed and the plan offers
unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts and POP3 accounts. This service is
priced at $374 per month.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

This composition on reseller plans was written with the purest intention of spreading information reseller plans. Let it retain its purity.
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fast web hosting
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Learn all about hd video server

Top 10 hd video server

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LogicBoxes Introduces CentralNic Domain Names

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 04:29:32 +0000
Adds 22 brand new domain name extensions to further enhance its already comprehensive TLD portfolio.
Read full story
Data disk recovery through data recovery hardware make things no more easy and the online backup system can do it more efficiently if there is back up server to watch all such processions regarding online file sharing, ...]

How do i track the hits my website gets?

Fri, 25 May 2007 13:28:56 +0000
The first way to check hits is by server side scripts. These usually come provided by your host and are normally found on your control panel. These applications such as Awstats will produce reports every so often and show hits.
Another way is to use a hit counter script and place this on your website. This ...]

Reseller plans are located on this link:

Plesk, Virtuozzo, PEM, HSPcomplete and SiteBuilder by SWsoft

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 00:00:00 EST
SWsoft is the recognized leader in automation and server virtualization software for Web hosting companies, communications providers and enterprises. SWsoft's products deliver industry-leading performance, stability and manageability.

Free Download: Download Your Free Copy of My Best of the Web Hosting Show Guides eBook!
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bebo stuff and WAY to more

Tue, 06 May 2008 17:01:36 -0500
hi there and please visit my site bebo stuff and way to more i have lots of stuff and there is a page that you can ask me questions so please visit and i have pages like how to make skins and icons that can be put on any website so please visit and i upd

read more | digg story | Information Week Story

So what is your verdict on this composition on hd video server? Are there anymore unanswered questions about hd video server in your mind?

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions (
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Best web hosting for small business Articles

There is significant matter enclosed in this article about web hosting for small business for you to understand web hosting for small business better. Use it to it's best.

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
Voice on the Go for your BlackBerry - Download now at Handango

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A your dedicated server Artilce for Your Viewing

Recommended your dedicated server Items

Do you know what Lunarpages customers have in common? Completly satisfaction. A
sense of fortune or luck for being part of this great host provider, call
whatever you want, I feel that way. I Highly recommend it, support rarely you
need it, but when is the time they are very, very professional, is the best, is
exactly why Lunarpages is the best host provider, their people! Go Lunar!

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Arriving to conclusions can be considered the most difficult part of any form of writing. We felt the same here with this article on your dedicated server. Hope you enjoyed it.

host gator rebate
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top web hosting companies For Your Reading Pleasure

Learn all about top web hosting companies

There are thousands of Web design template sites on the Net. Finding the right templates can make page construction easy as cake. All you need to do is some minor customization and then you can splash your content online. However, apart from this use, where the template is being used like a clever kind of stationary, Web design templates offer mostly disadvantages.

Anastasia Tubanos (WHIR) and David Snead (WHIR Blogger)

Wed, 21 May 2008 14:53:22 -0800 posted a photo:

Anastasia Tubanos (WHIR) and David Snead (WHIR Blogger)

Snacking at the baseball game.

Hostingplex Web Hosting Review

Fri, 19 Jan 2007 22:14:43 +0000
Visit HostingPlex Now!

Price Value: 5 / 5
Reliability: 5 / 5
Control Panel: 4.5 / 5
Customer Service: 4.5 / 5

Visit Hostingplex Now!

HostingPlex Web Hosting offers affordable web hosting solutions. They provide customers with a great deal for their money. HostingPlex Web Hosting is an excellent choice for those with a personal website or a small business website. ...]


Tue, 03 Jun 2008 12:07:29 +0000

Free Web Hosting
Sign up now to receive free 800MB web and email hosting with 30 email accounts at 20MB each, 200MB web space - all using your own unique domain name.
Register for your free hosting now.

Our free hosting includes:
No setup or renewal fees
800MB web & email space* 200MB web space*
30 email accounts
20MB per email account*
Anti-Virus smtp filtering
Optional SPAM control
Your own domain name**
24 hour ftp access
Pre-defined CGI scripts
Web site traffic reports
No banner-ad requirements


Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:04:12 +0000 is a unique, independent, and fully ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Our goal is to fully meet every customer’s needs and wants for domain name registration and renewal. Our offices are located in the heart of downtown Denver’s LODO district. Our staff is diverse, employing a wide range of bright, intelligent, and hardworking students, scholars, and ...]

Mike Prettejohn, Director of Netcraft Ltd. added, ”For four months Go Daddy has continually led all other SSL providers in the number of new certificates issued and has shown the largest overall growth over the past 12 months.”

Virtual Private Servers Or VPS, A BIG Solution To Small Space

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 14:17:51 +0000
You have located a company that does affordable web hosting, but you want to have the freedom on your site to run whatever scripts you need and make sure that you can access the need server files. Most web hosting packages for small businesses or personal web site space do not offer this. Fortunately, ...]

top web hosting companies Items For Viewing Instant Domain registration immediately protects your brand, family
name or web identity! Start using your own domain name right away, and get all
these great features. Please note: for packages with multiple domains, features
are available for one domain only.

FREE .info domains! For a limited time only, you can register .info domain names
with 1&1 and pay nothing for one year.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Arriving to conclusions can be considered the most difficult part of any form of writing. We felt the same here with this article on top web hosting companies. Hope you enjoyed it.

Handango Inc.
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host gator free
host gator hosting
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Another Great london hosting Article

Short Review on london hosting

Hosting Controller by Advanced Communications

Sun, 20 Mar 2005 00:00:00 EST
Hosting Controller development started in 1997 with the goal of delivering a control panel for Windows-based hosting, then a rarity as UNIX and its derivatives were considered to be the mainstream hosting OS ...

The Power of Search Engine Friendly URLs

Thu, 05 Jan 2006 00:00:00 EST
I recently invested quite some time into generating search engine friendly URLs for several of my websites to increase my ranking and to have more pages indexed.

Hostican uptime for April 2008: 100% uptime (over the Internet)

Hostican uptime for december 2007: 99.9%

Featured london hosting Items

hostgator Features Review

hostgator offers linux hosting only(even though they are expected to start
windows hosting in the near future). All their packages come with all the
features needed for a serious website. Baby and Swamp packages allow unlimited
domains(add on), which makes a lot of sense if you have multiple websites. They
use cPanel, which is the best control panel around. You get Fantastico script
installer which will install most of the popular open source scripts with few

They support PHP4 & 5, SSH, Cron jobs, Python, Ruby On Rails etc. Also, all the
packages include enough POP3 accounts(20 for Hatchling and unlimited for

hostgator Performance Review

hostgator host their sites on top-of-the-line Dual Xeon servers in their data
centers at Dallas. The data centers are well equipped and connects to 10
backbone providers. They offer 99.9% uptime Guarantee which is the industry

We started realtime testing of hostgator uptime on Feb 2008. The test is done on
a site hosted with hostgator, using a third party uptime monitor service. The
result after one week shows 99.78% uptime for our test site hosted with

While this is slightly less than the assure 99.9%, it is the BEST performance
out of top 4 hosts tested. There has never been a single case of site being down
for more than 3 minutes at a stretch. hostgator indeed lived up to their

Click Here to go to hostican website.

There has been no restriction of any kind in the matter given here about #KEYWORDS#. All that has been stated here are the true facts.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)
New & Special Items

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

web hosts reviews For Your Reading Pleasure

Information about web hosts reviews

Hostican hosting is currently upgraded their shared hosting plan, and offering much more server space and hosting features. Here are the major changes:

5 htaccess Tricks Every Webmaster Should Know

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:38:10 GMT
Here are 5 sets of .htaccess directives every webmaster should know.

Hurry! Specials ending soon

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 22:43:12 +0000

Get ‘em while they’re hot!  

VPS Special: JaguarPC’s 2nd Month Free 50% More Space/Ram 15% Off for Life + Plan Bonus’s

Coupon Code: “BigBoxes08”

Every JaguarPC Managed VPS Hosting plan includes:

+ Quad core Nodes with at LEAST 12gb registered ECC ram
+ Large RAID10 drive arrays – great I/O disk performance
+ Full root/adminstrator access
+ JagPC Fully ...]

We hope that the matter available here on web hosts reviews prove to be fruitful to you in your mission for enlightenment on web hosts reviews.

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)
Cables & Adapters

crawl space
dedicated hosting
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Another Great uk web hosting Article

The Best uk web hosting Articles

Liquidweb Reviews

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 08:52:28 +0000
Liquidweb dedicated servers have been reviewed again and apparently Liquidweb was able to impress the author with great web hosting support and service. We have talked about Liquidweb in the past as well and it seems like that the guys over WHRKit are seeing the same things we are seeing. Liquidweb keeps the bar pretty ...]

This is exactly how some very successful hosting businesses have been built. Admittedly it requires some very careful planning and a lot of skill and creativity. However the good news is that all the skills and ideas can be obtained online by careful study, preparation and single minded focus on what you want to achieve.

Richard Pryor Charles Wu Same Person

Thu, 15 May 2008 10:19:00 -0400

In Superman III Richard Pryor is a computer programmer; he wonders where all those ½ cents at the end of payroll checks go. He puts them to good use...his paycheck.

Charles WU - head honcho at CW Labs made one of those ISPCON luncheon presentations that was actually interesting. In the middle of it I thought...this guy looked at something boring...and saw billions. All of a sudden it became very interesting.

Unbeknownst to us he noted the slow death of dial-up. But sees dollars in that slow bandwidth...forget 56k...he likes 28k. Forget something in the future that may not work like 500 HDTV channels over the Internet, R&D is always a *itch...lets make some money.

During the presentation Charles used the word trillion...his graphics showed a bunch of lines connecting each other, sort of like a half circle, with arrows going back and forth. His R&D staff has invented some stuff, they want to put the ISP in this graphic. Somewhere near the top left, second dot down. He called it the money spot.

Charles WU wants to put the ISP in the credit card processing system. He wants you to be part of that trillion dollar economy, the part that takes a ½% here and ½% there. Swipe that card and a bunch of people takes a slice of that swipe…someone has to do it.

Talk to WU if you want to understand the technical part, not my area. However there is hardware, software, intellectual property, licensing and other stuff involved.

In the evening Wu kindly gave away food and drinks as we gambled at a charity event. Everyone was happy.

More about Tom:

New Commerce Communications

E-Mail Tom Direct

John Raul dot Com

Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:06:37 -0600
Blogging, gadget reviews, money making ideas, software reviews, web marketing, web hosting, web development and services.

Warning to all: 'latest' RHEL4 OpenVZ Kernel has a root exploit!

Wed, 11 Oct 2006 13:24:01 -0400

OpenVZ is a (stripped down) free, open-source version of Virtuozzo linux virtualization software. The modified OpenVZ kernel allows server operators to partition their servers into multiple Virtual Environments running a different Linux distribution.

Outdated Kernel:
As of now (Oct 10th, 2006) the latest Kernel listed on the RHEL4 download page (version 2.6.9-023stab016.2) is vulnerable to a root exploit that was first reported in July of 2006. That means that OpenVZ has had the vulnerable kernel available for download for around 3 months!

Response from OpenVZ: (*UPDATE*)
The response from OpenVZ was quick & effective - we contacted them at around 10PM on Oct 10th and by 6AM on October 11th (~ 8 hours) they released an updated version (2.6.9-023stab030.1). This does not negate the fact that a vulnerable kernel was left available for download for ~3 months, but I am quite pleased with their response.

update 2: OpenVZ sent an email to their list today (October 11th) at around 1PM EST saying "Everybody using 023 kernel is advised to upgrade." - perhaps they should have mentioned the root exploit in the email as a reason to drive people to upgrade.

This only effected the OpenVZ kernels, not the Virtuozzo kernels. Our paid Virtuozzo installations were in the 2.6.8 branch which was not affected. A handful of our OpenVZ servers running 2.6.9 were vulnerable - we've updated them immediately. Unfortunately we became aware of this because one of the servers was actually exploited.

Server Security & Incident Tracking:
It goes without saying that if an attacker manages to get root access to a server, somewhere a sysadmin will forgo a night of sleep trying to recover.

'root' access to a server is absolute - root is the ultimate Unix user. Once an attacker gains root access, he/she can do anything. Cleaning a box that has had a root exploit is a nightmare, and many will argue not even possible. Because the 'root' user has the ability to modify anything on the system, any system binary can be replaced with a trojan'd version. Any configuration file can be changed to allow an attacker access through an unexpected port, ssh keys can be added to let an attacker in and cronjobs can be put in place to ensure that their exploits will stick around even if a sysadmin deletes them. An attacker can add a new user to /etc/passwd with uid '0' (root). The list goes on (and I don't want to give malicious people any more ideas!)

Having a malicious entity gain 'root' access to a server is a worst-case scenario for any system administrator.

How do you know if you were rooted?
There are many obvious signs:

  • log files disappear
  • suspicious processes are running on the server
  • programs with names like 'sendmail' are running on a non-standard port
  • files will be modified

Many system administrators will just know when something does not feel right.

What can you do?

Arguably the most important thing that must be done after an attack is finding the source of the exploit; what php script was exploited? what kernel bug was exploited? etc If you don't close the security hole, the hackers will just jump back in.

There are many ways that you can diagnose your system for changes and unusual activity:

  • Check the logs (assuming they weren't deleted)
  • use the unix 'find' command to search for files that have been modified or created in the last X days
  • use RPM --verify (if you are running an RPM-based distribution) to verify that binary files are not replaced malicious ones
  • Use 'netstat -apn' to look at incoming and outgoing sockets and inspect the output for unusual items.
  • hire someone who has experience in these situations

Most of the time attackers don't clean up after themselves - while they will delete the server logs to cover their tracks, they will leave behind the scripts that they use - these will be invaluable tools to discover how they exploited your system. Time stamps are also keys to finding out what was changed or added to your system.

"Why did the hacker choose me!"
This is a common question that we get from shared hosting customers who have vulnerable PHP scripts or forums. The answer is, these low-lifes have automated tools that search the internet for vulnerable scripts & forums - and then they notify the attacker of the vulnerabilities so that attacker can proceed.

Most of the time (especially in mass-defacing situations) attacker doesn't have a grudge against your personal website and they are not targeting your website for any reason other than it is vulnerable.

Most of the attackers that we have dealt with have 1 goal: replace all website files with their own political or religious messages.... and to gloat to their underground, hacker friends.

What is even worse is that you have websites with archives of hacks and records of what hacker defaced what website in the form of a competition - which hackers have defaced the most websites today? Websites shouldn't be encouraging hackers to increase their hack count!

Hacking in a Hosting Environment
In the context of a web hosting situation, there are 2 important types of exploits:
* 'localized' Exploits
* Server-Wide Exploits

An example of a "'localized' exploit" would be when a customer who is running an outdated PHP script gets attacked. The customer then gains access to the customers username and overwrites their files, can read their emails & confidential files, etc. For a web hosting company, this is expected and of 'minor' significance. For a customer, this may be the end of the world - files are gone, data is missing or modified and they feel victimized.

What scares system administrators is the server-wide exploits. This can be a direct attack (perhaps an SSH deamon has a vulnerability?) or this can be the result of an attacker who used a 'localized' exploit to escalate his/her privileges to 'root' level. A server-wide exploit is terrifying for web hosts. While web hosting companies will always tell customers that it is the customers responsibility to backup their files, the web hosting company has a job to do: keeping customer files online & accessible 24x7.

When the worst possible scenario becomes a reality, the web hosting company will usually turn to its backups. Backups come in many shapes and forms - local harddrives to store backups, remote backups and RAID (though that's not really a backup method... it's a redundancy method to protect against drive failure) are just 3 examples. Many hosts employ combinations of local & remote backups.

The problem is: If you store backups on a local server, an attacker can delete them. But, the cost of storing backups on a remote server is measured in additional administrative time & coordination, the cost of more bandwidth and the cost of the external storage space - this can add up to be an expensive proposition, especially if you are backing up to a remote datacenter at fast speeds - the bandwidth toll is expensive. In a web hosting environment, backing up dozens of servers with data retention spans of 1-3 months can require many TB of storage.

Another important decision is the backup schedule: will you backup everything each night or backup important things each night etc. Backing up an entire server each night would increase the CPU load, require much more storage and more bandwidth. Another option is backing up website files (the bulk of the data) once a month and everything else each night. This will help reduce the storage, bandwidth & CPU requirements, but the result will be that you may have to settle for a 1 month old backup if your files are removed.

The moral of the story:

Customers: Keep your scripts updated! Help provide a first line of defense for the server that your website is on. ALWAYS keep backups of your website data on your computer.

Web Hosting Companies: Keep your servers updated! Make sure that you update nightly & that you have good practices in place to help detect, quarantine and recover from an attack.

Today`s suggestion:

I've been hosting a few sites with for about a year now.
The service is excellent. The features are abundant, and the cost is great. The
best part of ixwebhosting isn't the hundreds of free subdomains, the thousands
of emails, or the many dedicated IPs that are included with your plan, they're
all great features, but not the best. The best feature is the 24/7 customer
service. Available by ticket submission, toll-free 1-800 number, and live chat
from's main site. The live chat has never taken me more than
about 10-15 seconds to get a representative to talk with. And they've been able
to fix any issue I had with my service within minutes typically. also has a money back guarantee and a 99% uptime guarantee. If
you have any amount of downtime past the 99% guarantee they will refund you

ixwebhosting has their own advanced data center that they alone administer and
maintain. See their main site and click on Data Center at the top of the page to
see more information.

The hosting includes an online file browser, file editor, page creation utility,
SQL admin utilities, and many other features.

The plan I use supplies three free domain registrations, and allows for six
hosted domains. I have 20GB to play with and a monthly bandwidth of 300GB. The
plan has up to 50 databases (MySQL or Postgresql), 200 Subdomains, and 5,000
emails with webmail access. All this for only $6.45 a month.

The next plan up from this one includes 5 free domains, 10 hosted domains,
unlimited diskspace, unlimited emails, 500GB/month bandwidth, 100 databases, and
500 subdomains. This plan is $12.95 a month.

If you're looking for a basic plan, for $3.95 a month, you can get 1 free
domain, 2 hosted domains, 10GB Diskspace, 100GB bandwidth, 2,500 emails, 20
subdomains, and webmail, however, there is no access to any sql databases

All in all, I highly recommend ixwebhosting.

Click Here to go to ixwebhosting

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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cpanel web hosting


A Featured web hosting user reviews Article

A synopsis on web hosting user reviews

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Looks like I’m about 15 years too late on that one. Some clever soul reserved back in January 1993 when I was in the fetal stages of Internet growth. Can’t say I’m surprised. If you are, I’ve got some .info’s over in Iceland that I’d like to sell you:). Have you noticed that just about any occurence of the word webhosting + any valuable keyword has been registered by domainers, SEO’s or individual businesses?

Mailtrust, a division of Rackspace, provides more than 100,000 small, medium, and geographically dispersed companies with business-class email hosting. The company manages and maintains the email service and hosting infrastructure, freeing up IT resources and eliminating the need for customers to purchase email-related hardware, software, and security services. The company’s mission critical email systems are housed in Rackspace’s carrier-grade data centers to help ensure uptime. Founded in 1999, and acquired by Rackspace in 2007, Mailtrust is headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia and was recently named the 217th fastest growing, privately held company in America by Inc. Magazine.

After contacting them we were told to buy ourselves a reseller hosting

but we didn’t want to do that as their prices were almost 3 times more

that they were with EartHoster. We already had lost 2 annual payments

as you can understand from above, for both accounts that disappeared

on us. So we wrote back and asked for refund as this was not what we

were looking for. They also had money back guarantee, or so we thought.

Web Development: Several words about navigation.

Mon, 19 May 2008 21:16:21 +0000
Do you want to have a lot of visitors on your site? Then make a good navigation!
It is one of the most important things to do when creating a web-site. It should be easy to get on any page of your site from all the pages.
Try to make your site in such a way that ...]

Adjusted EBITDA increased to $0.8 million, or 23% of revenues, for the quarter ended March 31, 2008, compared to $0.5 million, or 21% of revenues for the same three-month period of previous fiscal year, an improvement of 71% year-over-year.

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hostgator Review:

Introduction is a web hosting company with a wide range of reseller web hosting
and shared hosting solutions that are useful for achieving your business goals
and inexpensive enough as to be within the price range of individual users.


Whether you are building a web site for your company to promote information
about your products and take orders, or just learning web design and putting
together a personal page for your family and friends,�s shared
hosting products give you an inexpensive option for getting the web space that
you need. In addition, if you want added reliability and trouble shooting for
your enterprise hosting, The company has a dedicated hosting program for
competitive business rates. For the majority of other web space uses, their
guarantee of 99.9% uptime, support which is available twenty four hours a day
seven days a week, and a thirty day money back guarantee, are more than enough
to provide a reliable level of service.


All of the web hosting packages available through the site provide the
capability to set up unlimited sites � as many domains as the user should
require. They will also help you to transfer your old web site from your
previous hosting company to their servers for free. Hosting is also easy to
manage, with the popular CPanel management software and a variety of scripts
that you can install to perform common web site tasks. With just a few mouse
clicks you can install WordPress, or any number of PHP sites to provide
information and support to your readers and customers. Programs such as AWStats,
Webalizer and a raw log manager are provided free to users for keeping track of
web site statistics. A number of ecommerce features are also included, even with
the most basic of web hosting plans (these ecommerce scripts include shared /
private SSL, AgoraCart, osCommerce and Zen Cart) costing less than five dollars
per month! Other features include the ability to set up forums with a click, add
a guestbook and counter to your web site, quickly install blogging software so
that all you have to worry about is what to write about and when to post,
scripts to protect your site from being hotlinked, e-mail alias, mailing lists
and auto-responder scripts, and of course popular web site management tools such
as MySQL and Ruby on Rails.


The setup process for putting together a new web site or having your old web
site transferred over is very straightforward, with the site letting you start
by putting in the domain name of the site that you want and progressing through
a script that lets you select from the possible options for your site layout and
hosting plan. Massive amounts of disk space and bandwidth make it easy to
develop a large site with plenty of time before you have to think about
upgrading, and with the combination of great prices and money-back guarantees.

Quality and Awards is a safe web hosting alternative that you can try out without
risking a lot of money. At these prices, the business is successful because it
provides the highest quality of service to its web hosting customers. The
company has also won numerous awards for their web hosting products and
services, such as the Editor�s Choice Award, as well as awards
from, Webhost Magazine and Buyer�s Guide, RateMyHost, HostReview,
Host Critique, the Webhost Directory, and many more. Recently, they have
continued to develop the range of web hosting services available to their
customers with added scripts for search engine optimization, making it easier
for users to develop sites that show up in the topmost rankings of online search
engines such as Google and Yahoo. Also, even though they are one of the top web
hosting companies in the country and in the world, hosting over seven hundred
thousand domains for hundreds of thousands of customers, their site is still
very simply laid out and easy to navigate; unlike some other major web hosting
companies that try to sell you on lots of additional features and plans during
the ordering process, keeps things simple and straightforward,
making it easy to find the hosting that you need for a good price and not be
confused by an array of unnecessary add-ons. The web site also offers live chat
with support staff to help you set up your site and maintain it as it runs, and
their toll free line gives you a constant link to assistance. With all of these
things going in its favor, eats up the competition!

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